Mick Thomson | Slipknot Papertoy

Mick Thomson Slipknot Papertoy

Mick Thomson Slipknot Papertoy

If You’re 555 then I’m 666 . . . . [sic] [sic] [sic] . . (^.^)> . . one of my favorite bands ever SLIPKNOT !!! i love slipknot , i love papertoy, so . .  i created this one . i hope u like it.

Download Mick Thomson Slipknot Papertoy (Black) here

Download Mick Thomson Slipknot Papertoy (Red) here

Slipknot Papercraft

Slipknot Papercraft Template

Slipknot Papercraft

Slipknot Papercraft Pattern Cut


Download Mick Thomson Slipknot Papertoy (Black) here

Download Mick Thomson Slipknot Papertoy (Red) here

*Open the PDF File with the latest  PDF Viewer Version (Foxit Reader / Adobe Reader) < recommended

*please leave a comment if the download link is broken, thankss 8<

stay [sic] . . .


43 thoughts on “Mick Thomson | Slipknot Papertoy

      • Hi Brant, .

        First of all, I offer apologies for any inconvenience . .

        It sound like cartridge’s problem, have you tried to Head Cleaning on your printer properties ? You can clean the print head from your computer using the Head Cleaning utility in the printer software. i hope it solve the problem.

        but if the problem still persists, i’ll send you the JPG file . . .do you have any email address ? so i can send the jpg template.

      • When I went to print out that day, it did not come to full page, instead it turned into maybe 3/4 of the page, at the time I was like F-K it, but it’s a bit small to work with especially the detailed cut outs on the mask! argh!!! you may respond to be via facebook

  1. Amazing work! Thank you very much… Maybe you try Joey Jordison, he has a nice face and a very big drums.
    or maybe you create musicians from other bands. Like Dave Matthews Band….lol (I LOVE DMB) ;D

    • Thankss (^_^)> . . u’r welcome

      I’ve designed Corey, Joe and Jim Root papertoy 2 years ago . .. . here’s the image :

      but, i’m gonna re-design it, i hope i can finish all the slipknot members very soon. i’m still working on Plants for PvZ papertoys.. heheh

      DMB Papertoyss.. mmhh sounds great . . .Tripping Billies is my Favvv . . .hehehe

      btw thanks for coming . . . sorry for my bad english (^.^)>

  2. great work!!!
    i’m gonna build it ver soon 😀

    please can you give us the link to download Corey? i can’t find it anywhere!

    • Thanks . . i’m glad u liked it . . .

      yea.. Corey is my very first Papertoy i ever made, its about 2 years ago . . but ii’m gonna redesign it . . . my old papertoys are need a lot of corrections . .hhehe . .

      sorry for my crappy grammar . . ^.^

  3. Primeira coisa que eu gostaria de dizer e que eu gosto muito do trabalho de vc vc e incrivel e eu gostaria de pedir um paper toy do dave mustaine por favor e que eu sou muito fã dele e fã de vcs tambem

  4. Pingback: Papertoy Slipknot – Mick Thomson (x 2) | Papertoys, Papercraft & Paper Arts

    • (^.^)> .. jiaahh baik hatinya kaya si kancil aja.. xixixi… kalo dulu ish jualan.. tp sekarang lagi libur.. xixixi

      coba pake kertas Inkjet 128 gr atau kertas photo bos… pasti hasilnya kerenn …

    • kalo saya pake Glosy 180gr bos . . . Kalo si corel ma si Ijim lagi di design ulang.. nihh.. maaf lama designnya.. maklum cuman pas ada waktu doang gambarnya . . (^.^)>

  5. oh nanti saya beli deh glosy 180gr nya
    ga apa apa lama juga gan saya akan slalu siap menunggu heheheh
    gan klo lem yg bagus buat papercraft apa?

  6. Preciso de alguma dica de como montar a parte preta do corpo com as pernas/botas.
    na parte inferior não há nada que possa ser colado no local para dar acesso as pernas. Caso alguêm possa me mandar uma foto de que parte eu esqueci de colar ou como colar ficarei grato.
    e-mail: jtn1dasul@hotmail.com

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