James Root – Slipknot Papertoy


James Root Slipknot Papertoy

James Root Slipknot Papertoy

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Zomboni – Plants Vs Zombies Papercraft

Yeah . . !!¬†finally i finished my Zomboni – Plants Vs Zombies Papercraft ūüėÄ .. i hope u like it . . . (^.^)/

Download Link @ the bottom of this post

Zomboni Plants Vs Zombies Papercraft 3

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Gatling Pea Papertoy | Plants Vs. Zombies Papercraft

Plants Vs Zombies Papercraft

Plants Vs Zombies Papercraft | Gatlingpea Papertoy

Just a little editing from Repeater Papertoy . . . (^.^)> . . yeah . . Gatlingpea Papertoy | PvZ Papercraft Series is ready to download . . . ( Extra SunShroom and Puff Shroom ). . . i hope u like it . . thanks (^_^)v

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Sanosuke Sagara | Samurai X Papertoy

Sanosuke Sagara Papertoy

Sanosuke Sagara – Samurai X Papertoy

Sagara Sanosuke, born Higashidani Sanosuke, is a main character in the¬†Rurouni Kenshin¬†series. A former member of the disgraced¬†SekihŇć Army¬†in his youth, Sanosuke spent the years after the¬†Meiji Revolution¬†taking out his frustrations as a “fight merchant” under the name Zanza, all the while hating the¬†Ishin-Shishi¬†that framed and murdered his comrades as well as the flawed Meiji government that they created. After meeting¬†Kenshin, however, Sano is able to put his feelings aside and end his fighting merchant days – instead taking up with Kenshin’s group at¬†Kamiya dojo. With his great strength and upright character, Sanosuke is a welcome and invaluable ally in Kenshin’s adventures, serving as a trusted friend in times of peace and a dependable “right arm” in battle. #wikia

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